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Undergraduate students

Students who are interested in integrated circuits design and testing, measurements and computational aspects, or exploring biomedical concepts related to the projects are encouraged to send their CV to

Graduate students

Electrical Engineering

With circuit design background who want to develop novel biosensors and distributed in vivo networks for cancer sensing should apply through the UC Berkeley Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Graduate Program.


With a desire to work on translational projects bridging the gap from electronics to molecular and cellular sensing. Please apply through the joint UCB/UCSF Bioengineering Program.


Post Doctoral Associates

Electrical Engineering

The project(s) will involve designing novel sensors for cancer. These sensors will guide precision cancer surgery or treatment as well as open an entirely new paradigm for in vivo sensing for cancer. Interested applicants should send a CV to


The project(s) will involve developing biosensing surfaces to interface with molecules for both cancer detection and COVID-19. Please see the full description here. Interested applicants should send a CV to