Sensing From Within

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Our Research

Our lab develops micro-fabricated sensors using computer chip technology to tackle various challenges in cancer therapy. These devices, placed within the body, exponentially increase sensitivity by being just microns from the tumor and provide in vivo detection in real-time, enabling computation and communication, and potential control over the tumor microenvironment, placing the physician and modern-day therapeutic and diagnostic tools within the patient.

Our Lab

Welcome to Anwarlab, where we strive to tackle real-world challenges in cancer therapy - across surgery, radiation, and novel therapeutics like immunotherapy - through a highly multidisciplinary approach. Our team, which consists of physician-scientists, graduate students and post-docs across EECS, Bioengineering, and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, at UC Berkeley and UCSF, merges the fields of electrical engineering, electronic-photonic systems, biology and to develop microelectronic sensors that directly interface with the cellular and biochemical world, inside of us. 

By combining our knowledge and expertise, we aim to understand the fundamental biological problems and design integrated systems and sensors that evaluate therapy efficacy and cancer progression from inside the body. We are passionate about our research and committed to advancing the field of cancer therapy. Our work is supported across the NSF, DOD, NIH and philanthropy, including the NIH's prestigious DP2 New Innovator Award for implantable imagers (read more here)

We are moving several of these platforms into the clinic over the next 2-3 years. Join us on this adventure!

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